How Do I Pay Taxes?
The Town of Huntersville contracts with Mecklenburg County to collect its taxes.  Mecklenburg County offers resident the option to pay their taxes by telephone, mail, through online banking or in person. Please have your tax bill and payment information available when attempting to pay online or by phone.

Click HERE to pay your taxes through one of the methods mentioned above.

Mecklenburg County most recently completed reappraisal of all real property on January 1, 2011. This was the first revaluation since 2003, and is mandated by North Carolina statute. Visit the County Assessor's Office for more information about Tax Assessment.

Huntersville residents pay taxes based on the value of their real and personal property.  The Town's tax rate is $0.2825 and the County's property tax rate is $0.8166 for a combined rate of 1.0991 per $100.  Huntersville residents also pay a $20.00 Vehicle Fee that is used to support the Town's Transportation Reserve Fund, that is used to construct smaller roadway projects and intersection improvements.  Residents also pay a solid waste user fee of $54.00 per year to support collection of residential solid waste, yard waste and recycling as general fund revenues do not cover the full cost of providing this service.