Article 9.1 - Accessory Dwelling

.1 An accessory dwelling may be attached, within, or separate from the principal dwelling.

.2 The principal use of the lot shall be a detached or attached single-family dwelling, built to the standards of the North Carolina Housing Code.

.3 No more than one accessory dwelling shall be permitted on a single deeded lot in conjunction with the principal dwelling unit.

.4 The accessory dwelling shall be owned by the same person as the principal dwelling.

.5 The accessory dwelling shall not be served by a driveway separate from that serving the principal dwelling unless the accessory dwelling is accessed from a rear alley and the principal dwelling is accessed from a street.

.6 A detached accessory dwelling shall be housed in a building not exceeding 650 square feet of first floor area (maximum footprint) or 50% of the first floor area of the principal dwelling, whichever is greater; the structure may be dwelling only or may combine dwelling with garage, workshop, studio, or similar use.

.7 A detached accessory dwelling shall be located in the established rear yard and meet the standards for the applicable building and lot type, Article 4, and the limitations on rear yard use of Section 8.8.

.8 An accessory dwelling must be registered with the Planning Director at the time a certificate of occupancy is obtained.

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