Article 9.20 - Junk Yards

.1 The area of active use must be enclosed by a fence, not easily climbable, from six to seven feet in height, and the fence must be located at least 20 feet from the public street right-of-way and 100 feet from abutting property lines.

.2 A minimum separation of 100 feet, fully vegetated, shall be provided between the fenced use area and any abutting property line; existing vegetation shall be preserved to the extent practicable and supplemented with new plantings as may be required to provide a year-round opaque buffer from abutting properties.

.3 The site shall be screened from the street(s) by a screen composed of a masonry wall or a solid wooden fence, planted on the exterior side with a semi-opaque vegetative screen with expected height of at least 8 feet at maturity; if security fencing of chain link or similar material is used, it shall be placed on the interior side of the vegetation and wall or fence.

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