Article 9.39 - Transit Shelter

.1 Transit shelters may be located within any street right-of-way or within an established yard fronting a street, but may not be located so as to obstruct the sight distance triangle (Section 8.9).

.2 Only governmental signs are permitted in association with a transit shelter.

.3 If constructed by other than the Town of Huntersville, a schematic plan must be submitted and approved by the Board of Commissioners. The plan must include the following:

(a) the location of the proposed shelter relative to street, property lines, and established building yards; and

(b) the size and design of the shelter, including front, side, and rear elevations, building materials, and any public convenience or safety features such as telephone, lighting, heating, or trash containers.

.4 A building permit shall be issued only after approval by the Board of Commissioners of the proposed schematic plan in.3, above.

.5 A transit shelter located within a street right-of-way or an established yard may be removed by the Town of Huntersville if the Town Board determines that it no longer serves the best interest of the public.

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