Article 9.43 - Special Requirements for Facilities Located on or adjacent to the catawba revier and its impoundments (lake norman and Mountain island lake)

The purpose of this Section is to provide supplemental restrictions to protect and enhance water quality, safety, and public recreational opportunities on the Catawba River and its impoundments (Lake Norman and Mountain Island lake). These requirements shall apply to the surface waters of the Catawba River and its impoundments and all land areas within 1,000 feet of their shorelines. In the case of Lake Norman, the regulatory boundary shall be measured as 1,000 feet horizontally and upland of the designated full pond level of 760 feet contour elevation. This contour elevation shall also serve as the standard from which all related measurements will be taken. In the case of the Catawba River and its impoundments, the shoreline shall be the mean high water mark. The restrictions of this section shall be supplemental to any other standards established in these regulations.

.1 All water related structures shall be approved by Duke Energy Lake Services prior to any construction. After the issuance of a zoning compliance for a building permit, the applicant must obtain and submit the required authorization from Duke Energy Lake Services or any other pertinent outside agency.

.2 Individual Private Facilities (residential piers) are permitted on lots currently in single-family residential use.

.3 Piers and other shoreline projections must be located and constructed within the area described by and in accordance with the standards below:

(a) A projection over the water may be established at each of the two property corners. Each projection shall bisect the angle between two points where a 10 foot radius from a common property corner intersects the property lines defining the shoreline, as illustrated in Figure 9.43(a). If there is no common property corner, the center of the radius shall be the point on the side property line closest to the water, as illustrated in Figure 9.43(b). A line is then drawn from the new center of the radius parallel to the property line defining the shoreline for the adjacent property and the projection is created from that center of radius, as illustrated in Figure 9.43(c).

Figure 9.43.a

Figure 9.43.b

Figure 9.43.c

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