Article 9.46 - Plant Nurseries

Plant nurseries as defined in Section 12.2.1 are permitted in any R and TR district according to the following standards:

.1 No part of the proposed use will be located or operated so as to emit dust, noise, fumes or odors in concentrations or amounts that would constitute a nuisance to persons of ordinary sensitivities on nearby properties.

.2 There shall be a separation of no less than 250 feet between structures located on the tract and any property located in a residential district or developed for residential or mixed use purposes. The total square footage of all structures located on the tract shall not be greater than five% (5%) of the total area within the tract. No structures on the tract shall be predominantly metal. Greenhouses are permitted but each greenhouse structure shall not be greater than 36 feet wide, 200 feet long or 14 feet high.

.3 The proposed use shall be located on a tract of not less than 30 acres. Up to 50% of the tract may be impervious with gravel and up to 12% may be impervious with structures and paved areas.

.4 Any nonorganic goods or materials available for sale which are positioned in such a way as to be visible from any public right-of-way shall either be returned to an enclosed building each night or screened from view from all public rights-of-way using a semi-opaque screen as defined in Section 7.6 of this ordinance.

.5 The proposed use shall be accessed by a major thoroughfare. The number of ingress and egress points shall be limited to the total road frontage for the tract divided by 300. Each point of ingress and egress shall be paved for the first 40 feet from the thoroughfare right-of-way.

.6 The proposed use shall be open to the public only between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.

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