Article 9.48 - Special uses in TOD-E Districts

Uses permitted in the TOD-E district that have the potential for reducing employment intensity are permitted subject to approval of a Special Use Permit. The procedures of Section 11.4.10 shall be followed.

The Town Board shall issue a Special Use Permit for the subject use(s) and building(s) if, but not unless, the evidence presented at the Special Use Permit hearing establishes each of the following:

.1 That the use is in the area between the ¼ mile and the ½ mile walk from the station site.

.2 That, for buildings along any street in the district that provides primary pedestrian access to a transit station:

a. Street level building edge(s) shall line at least one-half of the approved block length; and

b. distance between pedestrian entries at street level shall not exceed 100 feet; and

c. at least thirty% (30%) of the area of the street level façade shall be composed of windows and doors; and

d. standards above are met by either the principal building, or by the construction of liner buildings along street level.

.3 That the proposed buildings and uses shall not substantially increase the demand for truck and automobile access through the pedestrian-oriented street system of the TOD.

.4 That the proposed buildings and uses meet the Intent statement for the district.

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