Article 9.59 - Banquet Facility

Banquet Facilities are permitted in the Rural Zoning District subject to a Special Use Permit, according to the procedures of Article 11.4.10. Events shall be allowed at Banquet Facilities for the public such as weddings, catered receptions, rehearsal dinners, business meetings/retreats.

The Town Board shall issue a Special Use Permit for the subject facility in the Rural District if, but not unless, the evidence presented at the Special Use Permit Hearing establishes;

1. That the hours of operation, including set-up and break-down, for events will be no earlier than 8 a.m. and no later than midnight (Midnight).

2. That events must comply with the noise restrictions identified in the Town of Huntersville Noise Ordinance whether or not the property is located within the Town’s corporate limits; and

3. That the use will be located on a lot of at least 10 acres in size with a minimum of 30 feet of frontage on a public road either by fee simple ownership or by exclusive easement.

4. One residence (single-family detached house) may be located on the site.

5. New buildings shall maintain a rural character and be compatible with surrounding area.

6. Events may take place inside a building, tent or outdoors. Catered activities and receptions may take place in tents or buildings.

7. Entrance drives, internal drives, parking and service areas may be gravel, crushed stone, or other suitable material approved by the Planning Director. These areas shall be well maintained and kept free of potholes, weeds, etc. The initial 50 feet of driveway from the public roadway connection shall be paved with concrete or asphalt.

8. That there will be a separation of no less than:

a. Parking areas shall be located one hundred (100) feet from arterial roads and thoroughfares, and fifty (50) feet from adjacent properties. Parking areas will be visually buffered from arterial roads, thoroughfares and adjoining properties.

b. Event areas shall be visually buffered and located sixty (60) feet from any property boundary located in a residential district or developed for residential or mixed use purposes.

c. Any newly constructed accessory structure such as barns, gazebos and Agriculture or Farm related structures shall be located at a minimum of sixty (60) feet from any property boundary located in a residential district or developed for residential or mixed use purposes.

d. As each property is unique, the Town Board may modify the buffers for a Banquet Facility based on particular topographical issues and uses of the property. For instance, additional buffer requirements may be appropriate for event areas and/or reduction in buffer area may be appropriate for farming or pasture areas.

9. Applicant shall have adequate off-street parking to accommodate the maximum number of attendees.

10. The method for providing potable water and a system of sanitary sewage collection and disposal for the maximum number of attendees shall be provided.

11. Mobile food/beverage vehicles are allowed on the premises with the following conditions:

a. The mobile food/beverage vehicles must cater to the guests of invitation only events, for a time period limited to the event, and are not open to public use.

b. The mobile food/beverage vehicles must park in a designated spot, indicated on the special use plan. This area will be screened from public view and adjacent land owners, by an opaque screen.

c. No more than three mobile food/beverage vehicles allowed at one time.

d. No trucks will be stored overnight on the property.

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