Article 10.13 - Application and Issuance

10.13 Application and Issuance of Sign Permits

10.13.1 Application

Applications for permits shall contain or have attached the following information:

.1 The street name and street number of the building, structure or lot on which a sign is to be placed.

.2 Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the applicant, owner of the property on which the sign is to be erected or affixed, the owner of the sign, and the licensed contractor erecting or affixing the sign.

.3 If the applicant is not the owner or lessee of the lot on which the sign will be located, written permission from the property owner or a designated representative stating agreement that the sign may be erected on the parcel for which the permit has been applied shall be required.

.4 A site or plat plan of the property involved, showing accurate placement of the proposed sign, intended use(s) of the property, and zoning district designation.

.5 Two (2) blueprints or inked, scaled drawings of the plans and specifications of the sign to be erected or affixed as deemed necessary by the Zoning Administrator. Such plans may include but shall not be limited to details of dimensions, materials, copy, and size of the proposed sign. For wall signs, dimensions of the building wall on which the sign is to be affixed and the location and size of existing wall signs shall also be included.

.6 Locations of addresses. No permit for a sign shall be issued unless a street address has been assigned according to the requirements of the Town of Huntersville or the Mecklenburg County Street Address Ordinance, whichever is applicable.

.7 Other information as the Zoning Administrator may require to determine full compliance with this and other applicable codes.

10.13.2 Issuance of Permit

Upon the filing of an application for a sign permit, the Zoning Administrator shall examine the plans and specifications, and, as deemed necessary, may inspect the premises upon which the sign is proposed to be erected or affixed.  If the proposed sign is in compliance with all the requirements of this ordinance and other applicable codes, a permit will be issued.  Any permit issued in accordance with this section shall automatically become null and void unless the work for which it was issued has visibly commenced within 6 months of the date of issuance or if the work authorized by the permit is suspended or abandoned for one year.

10.13.3 Fees

To obtain a sign permit, all fees, in accordance with the requirements of the permitting agency, shall be paid.

10.13.4 Construction Inspection

The permit holder shall notify the Building Standards Department upon completion of construction and installation of any sign for which a permit is required.

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