Article 13.2 - Purpose, Intent, & Findings

13.2.1 The purpose and intent of this Article is:

a) To implement the provisions of the Town of Huntersville Community Plan and other adopted plans of the Town related to the adequacy of Public Facilities as new growth occurs.

b) To ensure that Public Facilities needed to support new development meet adopted level of service standards.

c) To ensure that the Town maintains realistic Capital Improvements Programs to accommodate new development based on its ability to provide adequate Public Facilities to that development.

d) To protect the character of the Town and to conserve the value of buildings and encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout the Town.

e) To ensure that no Development Proposal is approved that would cause permanent reductions below adopted guidelines in the level of service for Public Facilities addressed in this Article.

f) To ensure that adequate Public Facilities needed to support new development are available within a reasonable period of time as new development occurs.

g) To establish uniform procedures for the review of APF Applications subject to the standards and requirements of this Article.

h) To encourage the efficient development of land in Huntersville.

i) To ensure that new growth occurs at a rate that is consistent with the Town’s and its partnership agencies’ obligation and ability to provide Public Facilities.

j) To encourage development in areas where Public Facilities are adequate and/or planned in Capital Improvement Programs.

k) To ensure that all applicable legal standards and criteria are incorporated in these procedures and requirements.

l) To ensure that Proposed Development will not adversely affect the public health, safety, and general welfare of existing and future residents of Huntersville.

13.2.2 In adopting this Article, the Town hereby finds and determines as follows:

a) The Public Facilities subject to the provisions of this Article are necessary for the public health, safety, and general welfare.

b) New growth and development within the Town has an impact on the availability and capacity of Public Facilities, the capacity of which can be maintained if development is approved consistent with adopted level of service standards.

c) The Town has prepared and adopted a Capital Improvements Program to provide the Public Facilities needed to accommodate reasonable rates of growth and development, which CIPs will be reviewed and updated if necessary annually to reflect changes in the Town’s growth rate, available financial resources, and other relevant factors.

d) The level of service standards adopted for each Public Facility are necessary for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare, and will not unduly inhibit new growth and development within Huntersville.

e) This Article is necessary so that continued growth does not outstrip the Town’s ability to plan for and fund necessary Public Facilities.

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