Article 13.7 - Capital Improvements Program

13.7.1 Capital Improvements Program

a) Purpose. The CIP is the mechanism by which the Town of Huntersville and its partnering agencies provide new and expanded Public Facilities Capacity needed to accommodate anticipated future population and employment at adopted level of service standards. Through the implementation of CIPs, the Town will use all reasonable means to ensure that the provision of Public Facilities Capacity is sufficient to accommodate new growth and development, consistent with the reasonable availability of revenue sources; contributions of Capital Improvements; and physical, environmental, or topographical constraints on the expansion of the Capacity of Public Facilities.

b) Requirements for monitoring and evaluation. The Town and/or its partnering agencies shall maintain a CIP for the Public Facilities subject to this Article and shall implement this Article based on adopted CIPs.

13.7.2 Monitoring Reports

At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Administrator shall prepare an annual report addressing the following:

a). The Available Capacity of Public Facilities.
b). Anticipated increases in residential and nonresidential development within the Town.
c). The current need for any Public Facilities resulting from changes in population increase, employment growth, or other relevant factors.
d). The development of lots and land uses approved prior to the effective date of this Article.
e). Other matters or actions recommended to effectuate the purpose and intent of this Article, including any related to demand assumptions, need factors, level of service standards, and other matters recommended by the Administrator for reconsideration or revision.
f). The projected financing for any additional Capacity resulting from the factors set forth in subsections (a) through (e), above.

The monitoring reports shall be made available to the Town Board and each agency or department responsible for Public Facilities.

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