Article 14.5 - Contents of the TIA

14.5.1 General

TIAs shall generally follow the guidelines set forth by the ITE’s publication entitled Transportation Impact Analysis for Site Development and be consistent with the Town of Huntersville TIA Process and Procedures Manual, or guidelines as required by the Town Engineer, and may include, but are not limited to, the following:

a) traffic analysis information related to trip generation, peak hour impacts, and other factors evaluated to determine compliance with applicable ICU percentage standards for intersections within the impact area;

b) site location map and site layout;

c) existing and proposed land uses;

d) timing and phasing of the proposed development, by month and/or year;

e) a narrative describing the project, including any special transportation-related impacts or considerations; and

f) other information determined by the Town's Traffic Engineer to be necessary in order to determine whether the proposed project complies with the requirements of this Article and the requirements of the ITE guidelines for the preparation of transportation impact analysis for site development.

14.5.2 Demand Measures

TIAs shall take into account the following demand factors:

a) Existing traffic volumes;

b) Background traffic, including, historical growth traffic and projected trips associated with approved, but unbuilt development(s); and

c) The trips to be generated by the proposed development.

14.5.3 Capacity Measures

TIAs shall take into account the following existing or anticipated capacity measures:

a) Existing road segments and intersections;

b)  Roadway and intersection improvements funded by the Town in the current year Capital Improvement Plan, NCDOT, or other party, scheduled to be completed or within the delivery portion of the current NCDOT State Transportation Investment Program (STIP) and which either have or are reasonably certain to have all necessary governmental approvals and funding such that these timeframes can be met.

14.5.4    Description 

 TIAs shall describe what, if any, transportation facility improvements within the impact area are needed in order for the proposed development to comply with Section 14.4 of this Article. A TIA that does not identify the transportation facility improvements within the impact area to comply with Section 14.4 will be returned to the applicant or petitioner as incomplete.

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