Section 1.200 - Purpose

The provisions of this ordinance are adopted pursuant to the authority conferred by Section 160D-801 through Section 160D-808 of the General Statutes of North Carolina for the purpose of providing for the orderly development of the Town of Huntersville, North Carolina and its environs by regulating the subdivision of land.  The regulations contained herein are intended to coordinate proposed development with existing development and with officially adopted plans for future development of the town; to coordinate transportation networks and utilities within subdivisions with existing or planned streets or with public facilities; to secure or protect adequate rights-of-way and easements for street or utility purposes; to secure adequate spaces for recreation and school sites; to provide for the distribution of population and traffic in a manner which shall avoid congestion and overcrowding; to protect and enhance environmental quality; to ensure the proper legal description, monumentation, and recording of subdivided land; and to create conditions that substantially promote public health, safety, convenience, and the general welfare.  

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