Section 4.200 - Initiation

A petition for an appeal of an administrative interpretation or decision may be initiated by any person aggrieved or by any officer or department of the Town of Huntersville. A petition for variance may be initiated only by the owner of the affected property, an agent authorized in writing to act on the owner's behalf, or a person having a written contractual interest in the affected property.


A notice of appeal, in the form prescribed by the Planning Director, must be filed with the Planning Staff within 10 days of the day an administrative interpretation or decision is issued. The notice filed with the Planning Staff must be accompanied by a nonrefundable filing fee as established by the Huntersville Board of Commissioners. Failure to timely file such notice and fee will constitute a waiver of any rights to appeal under this section. The filing of such notice will require the officer whose action is appealed to transmit to the Town Manager and Planning Director all administrative papers, records, and other information regarding the subject matter of the appeal.


The Planning Board may advise and the Town Board may decide to reverse or modify the decision or interpretation under appeal upon finding an error in the application of these regulations on the part of the officer rendering the decision or interpretation.

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