Section 8.400 - Modification of Requirements; Performance Guarantee

1. In subdivisions adjoining already established streets that have been accepted for maintenance by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the requirements of Section 8.000 will apply as hereinafter provided; those requirements that would necessitate the general removal and reconstruction of established permanent pavements will not be applicable; where the adjoining established street is a part of the North Carolina Department of Transportation's street system, the adjoining street must be improved in accordance with either the requirements of Section 8.000 and the requirements of the Town of Huntersville or the North Carolina Department of Transportation, whichever establishes the higher standard.

2. Plats for new lots fronting on already dedicated or established streets or roads that have not been accepted for maintenance by the Town Board or the North Carolina Department of Transportation or which have been accepted for maintenance by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, but have not been improved with a paved roadway, will be eligible for final approval when the requirements of Section 8.000 have been complied with as closely as may be reasonably required considering the existing condition of the road, the extent of area to be platted and the cost of required improvements in relation to the comparative benefits to accrue to the subdivider and the other owners of property on both sides of the street or road.

3.    Where the improvements required by the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance (i.e. streets, alleys, improved open space, landscaping, drainage, etc.) have not been completed prior to the submission of the final subdivision plat for approval, the approval of the plat will be subject to the owner providing a performance guarantee in the form of  a surety bond,  irrevocable letter of credit, or other form of guarantee that provides equivalent security to a surety bond or letter of credit with the Town Manager or designated agent. The amount of the performance guarantee shall be in an amount determined by the Town Manager in consultation with the Town Engineer or their designee, and affected agencies such as the department of Environmental Health, sufficient to guarantee the installation of the required improvements, allowing credit for improvements completed prior to the submission of the final plat. The amount so determined shall not to exceed 125% of the reasonably estimated cost of completion of the required improvements at the time the guarantee is issued.  For landscaping required by this ordinance, the developer shall provide a contractor’s estimate for provision and installation of such landscaping, the estimate shall be reviewed for adequacy, and a performance guarantee sufficient to guarantee the provision and installation of required landscaping shall also be filed in the manner provided above.  Upon completion of the improvements and the submission of ‘as built’ drawings, written notice thereof must be given by the subdivider to the Town Engineering/Public Works Departments and the Town of Huntersville Planning Department.  The Engineering/Public Works Departments and Huntersville Planning Department will arrange for an inspection of the improvements. If the improvements are found satisfactory, the Town Manager will be notified who will, within 30 days of the date of such notification, authorize in writing the release of the performance guarantee, subject to the warranty requirement below.

4.    Warranty.  All improvements required by this ordinance shall be warranted against defects in workmanship and materials by the subdivider for a period of not less than one (1) year, but not more than two (2) years from the date of the filing of the final plat or the date of the completion of the improvement, whichever is later.  The subdivider shall file with the Town Manager a warranty surety listing the Town as beneficiary in an amount of 15% of the estimated value of the warranted development-related improvements for the warranty period.  

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