Section 8.500 - Inspection

1. Town Engineering/Public Works Departments must be notified two days in advance of the work to be started so that an authorized representative of the Town or other responsible agency may be assigned to make any and all necessary inspections of the work performed.

2. The inspector must be allowed access to all parts of the work, and must be furnished with every reasonable facility to ascertain whether or not the work as performed is in compliance with the specifications.

3. No materials may be placed nor any work performed except in the presence of the inspector without special permission of the appropriate agency. Such inspection, however, does not relieve the contractor from any obligation to perform all of the work strictly in accordance with the specifications.

4. In the case of any disputes arising as to the material furnished or the manner of performing the work, the inspector will have authority to reject materials or suspend work until the question or issue can be referred to and decided by the appropriate agency. The contractor must remove any work or material condemned as unsatisfactory by the inspector and must rebuild and replace the work or material to the standard required by the specifications, all at his or her own expense.

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