Pre-Development Group


The purpose of the Pre-Development Group is to provide a no-cost option for applicants to receive feedback on Conditional Rezoning requests prior to officially submitting a rezoning application.


The Pre-Development Group meets on an as-needed basis, but no more than once per month. Meetings are open to the public.

How to Request a Meeting

To schedule a meeting, applicants should make a request to Planning Staff.  Since meetings are not regularly scheduled, the group needs at least a 10-day lead time to organize the meeting. Applicants can submit materials/plans prior to the meeting if desired but it is not required.  Meeting materials will be forwarded to the Pre-Development Group with the meeting agenda.


During the meeting the applicant will have 5 minutes to present their proposal.  After the presentation, each Pre-Development member will have an opportunity to ask questions and/or provide feedback.  There are no votes taken at this meeting.


  • Two Town Board Members
  • Planning Board Chairperson
  • Planning Director
  • Engineering and Public Works Director