Current Projects

  1. Downtown Greenway

Example 115 Trail Head

The alignment of the trail has been established taking into account saving as many trees as possilbe and removing those that are a hazard due to age, species, or health.

If you have any comments or input, please contact: Tracy Houk, Parks & Recreation Assistant Director / / 704-766-2227

Image: Example of what the trail head located on 115 will look like.

Completed projects

  1. Rosedale Nature Park Master Plan
  2. Barry Park Turf Fields
  3. Parks and Recreation Master 2030 Plan
  4. 2020 Huntersville Bike Plan
  5. CSD Joint Use  Tennis Complex
  6. LNC Elem. Joint Use Gym
  8. North Mecklenburg Park Playground
  9. Huntersville Recreation Center
  10. Veterans Park
  11. Bradford Park Turf & Lighting Project

The Rosedale Nature Park will located on Rosewood Meadow Drive just north of Publix in the Rosedale Shopping Center. This 13 acre park site will be bisected by the Future Torrence Creek Greenway.  The park is scheduled to be completed by October 2021.

Revised Ranson Rosedale Master Plan Concept 12-9-2019 Final (1) Opens in new window

Master Plan approved by Town Board

Park Site Master Plan Approved by PRC

Public Input Meeting No. 2 Feedback

Public Input Meeting No. 1 Feedback

Draft Park Concepts from Public Meeting No. 1

Park Amenity Image Boards from Public Meeting No. 1