Plat Review

Plats are required when land is subdivided into three or more parcels and for some commercial developments.

The plat must be reviewed and approved by the Town and other appropriate review agencies (i.e. NCDOT, Charlotte Utilities, Mecklenburg County, etc.) before being recorded at the Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds. 

Plat review and recordation simplifies the transfer of land ownership. The requirement of a land survey and complete legal description of the land ensures accuracy.

Plat requirements for both commercial projects and subdivision developments are explained in the Post-Construction Administrative Manual – County and Towns

First Plat Submittal & Review

(New subdivisions & some commercial developments)

  • Applicant submits the plat drawing and all other required documents into the Mecklenburg County Electronic Plan Management (EPM) system for review and approval.
  • The Bond Estimate Form must be provided with the plat submission. 
  • Staff reviews the plat for compliance with North Carolina General Statute 47-30.
  • At the same time the plat is being reviewed, the Land Development Bond process begins. Staff reviews the Bond Estimate Form provided by the developer / engineer. A majority of the infrastructure is to be completed before a bond estimate is calculated.
  • Bonds must be posted before staff can approve the plat.
  • Plat review will take up to 14 calendar days.
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities will simultaneously review the plat as necessary.
  • After each Plat review  cycle is complete by all review agencies, the EPM system automatically notifies the assigned Project Manager (via email) that the review is either disapproved or approved.  If the review is disapproved, review agency comments can be viewed in EPM.

Second Plat Review

  • Surveyor re-submits modified plat and any other revised documents into EPM to address agency reviewer's comments.
  • Staff completes the second review cycle within 14 calendar days.

Plat Approval - Bonds Secured

Once all review agencies are ready to approve the plat in EPM, and Bonds have been posted and confirmed secured by the Town, Town staff will notify the applicant the plat is ready to move to the Mylar phase.   

Plat Mylar Phase

The plat mylar may be printed, signed and sealed by the surveyor and distributed for signatures.  The Town Planner is always the LAST to sign the plat.  

Contact Town Planning to discuss e-signing options and process 

Recordation of the Plat

Once all signatures have been obtained on the Mylar, the surveyor or owner takes the signed plat to Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds to be recorded.

Contact Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds for e-recording options and process

Project Closure

The surveyor or owner must send a PDF copy of the signed, recorded plat to the Town Planner for upload into the EPM system and for project close-out.