2023 Mayors' Fitness Challenge

Mayors' Fitness Challenge RETURNS!!!!

Town vs Town, Mayor vs Mayor!!!! 


Welcome to the 2023 Mayors’ Fitness Challenge.

Registration is open. Participants should register under their town of residence. We encourage you to spread the word and invite friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. The challenge will run 6 weeks, March 12th - April 22nd. Each week towns are working to have the total most active minutes. At the end of the 6 weeks, the town with the highest average total will be awarded the "Fittest Community" Trophy.

The annual Kick-Off Event to be held Sunday, March 12, 2023 from 2pm-4pm at Bailey Road Park in Cornelius is CANCELED due to weather.

We are entering our third year and are looking forward to seeing the Lake Norman towns continue to be active and fit. The consistent goal is to complete as many activity/exercise minutes each day and report your total active minutes at the end of each week. This year we have added a few other ways to help you and your team build community, stay engaged and gain additional points.

All three towns are working with local wellness providers to offer programs. Over the six-week challenge, we will offer special programs that anyone in the Mayors’ Fitness Challenge can participate in. These programs will allow participants to earn additional points on top of the normal activity points you can receive.

Participants that register after the challenge has started CANNOT submit past weeks' minutes. You can ONLY submit minutes that were accumulated in the current week.

Start Date: March 12 
End Date: April 22

Point system:

1 point Every minute of activity/exercise – Max total = 1000 per person

200 pts Each scheduled activity (Town sponsored)

500 pts Participating in the end of the challenge (details to be shared toward the end of the challenge)

**Scheduled activities for extra points will have a sign-in sheet for participants to check in and gain credit. The town representative will add the points manually.

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