Program Overview

The Adopt-A-Street program has been established to enable residents, community and civic organizations, and/or religious or social groups to contribute toward our Towns beautification efforts.  The primary adopter must be 18 years of age or older.

Participants have the choice of two levels of adoption commitments: “Major” and “Minor.” 

Major adoption are secured for a period of three to five years, and are typically requested by a business, organization, or groups of individuals.   The streets are typically 0.25 miles or more  in length.    Because of the commitment involved, major adoptions includes provisions of safety vests, gloves, trash bags and a road sign to identify your group as the adopter. 

Minor adoptions are secured for a period of one year and include streets less than 0.25 miles in length.  Participants typically provide their own safety and clean up equipment for minor adoptions. 

One-time, coordinated clean up efforts are also encouraged.

The Town will pick up the trash that has been collected and grouped together during coordinated clean up efforts.  Simply provide the date of the event and where the bags will be located for collection.  

Streets Available for Adoption

Contact the Town's Adopt-A-Street Coordinator to confirm if the street you are interested in is available for adoption.

Streets Currently Adopted

Streets currently enrolled in an active adoption include:

  • Stumptown Rd
  • Birkdale Commons Py
  • Platon Ave
  • Gibson Park Dr
  • Sherwood Dr
  • Maxwell Ave
  • Glencrest Dr

Adopt-A-Street Program Agreement, Safety Guidelines and Photography Waivers. 

Contact the Town's Adopt-A-Street Coordinator at  704-766-2257 to sign up for a street adoption or for more information.