SnowFest Cancelled with kids sledding down muddy hill

After a long deliberation it comes with a heavy heart that we have to cancel SnowFest for 2020!

As much as we want to run this event, weather conditions are far from ideal for snow. Safety is our first concern when running an event and with all the rain we’ve had, soaked the ground; making it warmer than it should be this time of year (including warmer air temperatures as well). Not to mention there’s a 90% chance of rain on Saturday, which would turn the snow into ice/slush from the top and bottom causing safety concerns, as well as a non-ideal sledding environment.

As far as rescheduling, we will have to wait until 2021 as the company is beginning to renovate their warehouse in the coming weeks. We hope to see you in 2021 for “SnowFest 2.0”.