Cook Farms/Cook Pointe Subdivision

Project Details
Project Name:Cook Farms/Cook Pointe Subdivision
Applicant.Owner:M/I Homes of Charlotte, LLC
Developer:M/I Homes of Charlotte, LLC
Design Firm:Timmons Group
Tax Parcel(s):00938117, 00938116, 00901107, 00938118, 00938103, 00938102, 00938105
Acreage:90.56 +/- acres
Location:7830 Oliver Hager Road
Current Zoning:Transitional Residential District (TR)
Current Land Use:Residential / Agricultural
Proposed Land Use:Residential
Description of Request:Preliminary plan review for 135 lot single family subdivision
Plan Reviewer:David Peete
Contact Information:Email David Peete
Phone: 704-766-2216
Application:Application (PDF)
Plan Documents:Approved Sketch Plan (PDF)
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Preliminary Plan 2 of 6
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