Land Development

Staff assists residents, the development community, and all interested stakeholders with the land development process. Staff enforces the Town's zoning and subdivision regulations through the review of subdivisions and plats, site plans, signs, and other residential and commercial permit applications.

Before Starting Your Residential or Non-Residential Project

Project Feasibility Meeting 

A project feasibility meeting allows you to discuss potential projects and land development requirements. Contact Planning Staff to schedule your meeting. 

  • There are no minimum requirements or plans required to schedule a meeting of this type.
  • Multiple project feasibility meetings may be held for a project or idea.
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Pre-Submittal Meeting 

A Pre-Submittal meeting must be held before projects are submitted to Mecklenburg County Electronic Plan Management (EPM) System for Land Development review. Meetings will be coordinated with your assigned Project Manager from the Huntersville Planning Department. Representatives from Huntersville Planning and Huntersville Engineering Departments will be present at the meeting.

Contact Planning Staff to schedule your meeting. One week prior to your meeting, submit the following items by email to your Project Manager for review prior to the meeting:

Required Items to submit:

  • Site layout plan
  • Grading plan
  • Elevations (for commercial site plans)

Recommended Items to submit

  • Full set of civil plans (recommended)
  • Lighting plan
  • Utility locations
  • Off-site driveway locations
  • Landscaping plan.

Important Items to Note:

  • Plans may be submitted into EPM no sooner than 5 business days following the Pre-Submittal Meeting.
  • Pre-submittal Meetings are not required for Plats, As-Builts, Erosion Control Plans, Minor Revisions to Approved Plans (RTAPs), and other minor projects for which Staff determines a Pre-Submittal meeting is not required.

Pre-Development Group

If your project requires rezoning, Staff will schedule a Pre-Development Group meeting. The Pre-Development Group is a no-cost option for applicants to receive feedback on Conditional Rezoning requests prior to officially submitting a rezoning application.

Submit Your Project

What to Submit

Your Project Manager will provide you with a list of required items to submit at your pre-submittal meeting.

Where to Submit

All Land Development projects must be submitted to the EPM System for review and approval.

Size/File Requirements

Each document uploaded into EPM must be an unlocked / unrestricted PDF file, under 40MB file size or the submittal will be rejected.

Intake Timeline

When a complete plan set (all required items) is submitted into EPM, the Town has 2 days to accept or reject intake.

Review Cycles

  • Plats – up to 10 business days per cycle
  • All other projects – up to 15 business days per cycle

Note: The above review time requirements are associated with reviews performed by Staff. These review times exclude the time required to obtain Town Board approval (when necessary) or any additional outside agency reviews (i.e; NCDOT).


Your Project Manager will provide you with your project fee schedule at your pre-submittal meeting.

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