Zoning Inspection

Zoning inspections are completed by Town of Huntersville Zoning Inspectors for all building permits and zoning use permits. Trade inspections are completed by Mecklenburg County inspectors. 

When Can Huntersville Begin Working On A Permit?

When you submit a permit application with Mecklenburg County, it is processed by County staff and routed to the correct departments. This can take 2-5 business days. When a permit has been routed correctly to Huntersville, we will be able to begin work. All timelines referenced below begin once the permit has been received by Huntersville. 

What Does This Zoning Status Mean?

Mecklenburg County Permitting System has four different zoning statuses that are frequently involved in zoning permits. The explanations below are to assist you in understanding what the status of your permit means for your project, what to expect next and the approximate timeline. 

Zoning Deferral 

This is the automatic status applied when a permit is submitted that falls within Huntersville. It indicates that the permit is being routed by Mecklenburg County to the Town of Huntersville to perform a zoning review on your building permit.  Your building permit application will remain in a deferred status until we have completed the zoning review. If you do not see any action taken by Huntersville within 48 business hours of submittal, PLEASE contact us by email or by calling 704-875-7000. Providing your permit number and property address will help us locate your permit within Mecklenburg County's online system.

Zoning Disapproved 

A zoning inspector has reviewed your permit  and either additional information is needed or your application is incomplete. The Zoning Inspector will add a note to your permit to indicate why it was disapproved and how to resolve this. You can view this note in the permitting system. All additional or updated information must be submitted through the Permitting System. Important: You must notify Huntersville Planning Department that the updated documents have been submitted by emailing permits@huntersville.org, we do not receive notification from Mecklenburg County that this action has been completed. 

Zoning Approved as Noted 

A zoning inspector has approved your permit and placed a note on the permit that will need to be satisfied to be in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance. You can view this note in the permitting system

Zoning Hold (LUESA Hold)

For all development awaiting certificate of occupancy or certificate of completion a Zoning Hold will be issued for your permit. You must request a zoning inspectionTo avoid communication errors between Mecklenburg County and Town Inspectors we recommend the following process:

  1. Complete all trade inspections with Mecklenburg County
  2. Upload your final survey to the Mecklenburg County web permitting system
  3. Request a Zoning Inspection
  4. Print or verify your certificate of occupancy or certificate of completion from Mecklenburg County web permitting