Special Services Division

The Special Services Division has primary responsibility over  the Traffic Safety Section, School Resource Officers and Animal Services.  The Special Services Division is commanded by a Lieutenant who reports directly to the Field Operations Bureau Commander.  The Special Services Division Lieutenant exercises direct supervision over the Traffic Safety Section Sergeant, School Resource Officers and Animal Services Technicians.

Traffic Safety Section

The Traffic Safety Section has the primary responsibility for the planning, analysis, implementation, monitoring, and coordination of the agency’s traffic safety activities. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Funeral escorts
  • Investigation of traffic collisions
  • Operation of speed measuring devices
  • Oversight of the chemical testing program
  • Parking control
  • Traffic direction and control
  • Traffic engineering activities
  • Traffic law enforcement
  • Traffic safety programs

Animal Services 

The Animal Services Unit has the primary responsibility of investigating animal complaints, including but not limited to noise complaints, animal bites or other injuries, and violations of local and state laws and ordinances, as well as implementing community programs related to animal care and control. The Animal Services Technician(s) reports directly to the Special Services Division Lieutenant.