Street Maintenance

Who is Responsible?

Streets may be maintained by the Town, the state, or a private party. The Powell Bill Maps show who is responsible for the maintenance of each street.   Town-maintained streets are traditionally neighborhood side-streets, and not main thoroughfares.  

Public Works maintains more than 220 miles of Town-owned streets, drainage structures, and sidewalks to ensure they are in a safe working condition.  

Board approved funds are used to perform yearly asphalt resurfacing, based on a third-party evaluation of current road conditions. We appreciate your help to advise us of a potential concern.  

Report a Concern

Use the Public Works Maintenance Request Form to tell us about any of the following concerns:  

  • Potholes
  • Lifted sidewalk panels
  • Missing or shifted inlet covers
  • Any other road, sidewalk or public infrastructure concern  
  • A fallen or damaged street sign or street tree may be maintained by others*  

*Please note, if the street, street sign or street sign pole is not maintained by the Town of Huntersville, the request will be forwarded onto the responsible party.

  • NCDOT maintained streets and all traffic signals - call 980-523-0160
  • Privately owned streets and decorative street sign poles - contact the Homeowner's Association, Condominium Association or Developer.
  1. Public Works