150th Anniversary Celebration

Calling Huntersville Business Owners!

We wish to include your business in our extensive marketing and promotions for the 150th Anniversary and to invite you to play a key role in the engagement of our community members. Imagine the potential customer impact that you could experience by being involved in this collective anniversary experience. Specifically, we are planning to provide the following **at no expense to your business**.

  • Publicized listing of Huntersville businesses participating in the 150th Anniversary Celebration
  • Publicized listing of all “150th Special” promotions
  • Online directory of all “150th Special” promotions and direct links to your address, contact information, and social media platforms
  • Monthly highlight/promotion of “150th Special” promotions based on category (see below)

Want to get your business involved? Read more about this partnership opportunity by clicking here

View the list of business offering special promotions in honor of Huntersville's 150th anniversary by clicking this link.

The Town of Huntersville is celebrating 150 years as a municipality in 2023. We have a full year of activities planned, including concerts, promotions, historical exhibits, and so much more. It's a Sesquicentennial Celebration 150 years in the making!

Guided by a group of volunteers, the Anniversary Committee has three subcommittees leading the charge for a year-long celebration: Events, History and Public Relations. 

We look forward to celebrating with you throughout 2023!