Year of the Trail

The Town of Huntersville joins communities across North Carolina in celebrating the 2023 Year of the Trail, a statewide campaign inviting every North Carolinian to get outside onto the trails, greenways, and blueways that stretch across the state.

On August 10th, 2021, the NC legislature passed HB 554, designating 2023 as the “North Carolina Year of the Trail.” This historic designation underscores the tremendous energy behind showcasing, promoting, and celebrating North Carolina’s trails, both in terms of their incredible positive impact on quality of life for NC residents, as well as significant economic impact on individual communities who benefit from ‘trail tourism’.

The Great Trails State Coalition (GTSC) is leading the Year of the Trail efforts in North Carolina. Made up of over 50 organizations working to build more opportunities to hike, bike, walk, run, roll, paddle, and horseback ride, the GTSC proudly proclaims that North Carolina IS the Great Trails State. The Great Trails State Coalition has partnered with communities across the state to highlight trails and encourage residents to get outside and enjoy local trails, as well as new trail experiences across NC.

For more information on the Year of the Trail and to receive updates about statewide events and advocacy efforts, please visit To hear stories from the trail, learn about new trails to try, and share your trail experiences, follow us at @greattrailsnc on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.