Affordable Housing Mayoral Task Force


In order to address the need of affordable housing in Huntersville, the Town of Huntersville Board of Commissioners (“Town Board”) wishes to designate a Mayoral Task Force to identify needs and solutions for affordable housing in Huntersville and make a recommendation to the Town Board.

The mission of the Task Force is to study and evaluate the potential needs, goals, partnerships, funding sources, and implementation options available to the Town of Huntersville for affordable housing within Huntersville.


  • Please check the calendar for meeting dates, times and locations.


  • Melinda Bales, Mayor
  • Stephenie Brown
  • Justin Ckezepis
  • Charles DiRicio
  • Sarah Fortner
  • LaShonda Hart
  • Mike Hege
  • Jay Henson
  • Brian Hines
  • Michelle Hoverson
  • Jay Lesemann
  • Rev Dr Mike Moses
  • Jake Palillo
  • Stacy Phillips, Mayor Pro Tem
  • Lauren Speight, Senior Planner
  • Bobby Williams, Assistant Town Manager