Valuing the Small Town Lifestyle

Quality of Life

In an effort to preserve the small town quality of life and avoid the faceless suburban sprawl consuming the Charlotte region, town officials initiated a strategic land plan. The plan, developed during 1994-95, established a vision for the physical development of the town and surrounds, then defined a series of action steps to move the area toward that vision.


A one-year moratorium on new development was enacted to forestall additional devastation of the countryside until a new code of development regulations could be drafted and adopted. By the end of 1996, the new code was in place. It requires that new and infill development follow the principles of traditional development in the town’s urbanized area. It shapes development patterns to anchor the town on a proposed rapid rail corridor along the little-used north-south rail spur, and makes an initial attempt to preserve rural vistas in outlying areas east and west of the town.