Fiber-Optic Internet

Service or Construction Damage Questions

For information about new service or to report problems about existing service, contact:




Work on public streets, or in rights-of-way, is governed by a permit issued by the Town of Huntersville or the NC Department of Transportation. This depends on which entity owns the road. Contractors should receive permission from property owners before working on private property.


Blue, purple, green, orange, yellow, white and/or pink paint markings will be sprayed on the ground several weeks before construction to mark existing underground utility lines.


Most companies provide informational door hangers in advance of their work. Sub-contractor vehicles/equipment may not be marked with the contracting company’s name.


In most cases and with weather permitting, private property should be restored to its original condition within about 10 business days after completion. Companies are not required by law to coordinate their activities or co-locate their infrastructure. Therefore, even after one company is finished and the property is restored, other companies can come through the same area and start the process anew.

Filing Formal Complaints

NC Utilities Commission: 866-380-9816 or