Zoning Ordinance Highlights

Traditional American Town

Principles of traditional American town-building have guided the development of the Huntersville Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. Standards promote a well-connected system of low-speed streets, faced with buildings and accented with sidewalks and street trees. Streets are designed for the comfort of the pedestrian and the cyclist as well as for the efficient distribution of traffic. 

Mixed uses of similar scale may be placed in proximity to one another providing pedestrians accessibility to shops and services, as well as their neighbors. An identifiable public realm is the focus of the planning and development process. It is composed of streets, parks, squares, and other forms of open space, which provide opportunities for recreation and an active community life.

The zoning ordinance establishes three primarily residential districts, three mixed-use districts, and three commercial districts. In addition, overlay districts provide for traditional neighborhood development, mountain island lake water quality protection, and appropriate siting of manufactured home neighborhoods.