Advisory Boards

  1. Planning Board
  2. Board of Adjustment
  3. Huntersville Ordinance Advisory Board
  4. Pre-Development Group


The Planning Board functions as an advisory board to the Town Board on all requests for changes in the zoning laws, and ordinances of the Town of Huntersville subdivision requests pursuant to the Huntersville Subdivision Ordinance, and is empowered to make recommendations to the Town Board, or other governmental agencies consistent with the Planning Board's charged obligation to provide for proper planning for the future growth of the Town of Huntersville, and its environs.

The Planning Board committee consists of 9 total members, who at least 7 members reside within the corporate limit, and at least 1 member that resides in the extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction (ETJ).

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The Tree/Canopy Save sub-committee reviews and recommends changes to the Tree/Canopy Save requirements in the Zoning Ordinance.

2019 Regular Meeting Schedule
Minutes & Agendas