Building Permit


All building permit applications must be submitted electronically through the Internet Permitting and Inspection System for Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. After the permit is accepted by Mecklenburg County, the zoning review will be routed to Staff.

Internet Permitting and Inspection System Charlotte and Mecklenburg County

A Zoning Plot Plan must be included for all residential building permits.

An Erosion Control Form must be included for new homes on lots less than 1 (one) acre that are not within major subdivisions and do not have an approved Erosion Control Plan.

commercial building permits

Commercial upfits and building permits are processed by Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement.  Plans will need to be submitted electronically to their office.  Mecklenburg County will route all upfit plans and building permit plans to the Huntersville Planning Department for a zoning review.

For new commercial development, please reference the Commercial Site Plan review process.

For change of use plans, please reference the Change of Use process for zoning.

Ordinance References

Zoning Ordinance - Article 11.1

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