3.2.3 General Residential District (GR)

Intent:  The General Residential District is coded to permit the completion and conformity of conventional residential subdivisions already existing or approved in sketch plan form prior to the effective date of these regulations.  The application of the General Residential District is not intended for development projects in the Huntersville jurisdiction which are initiated after the effective date of this ordinance (November 19, 1996).

a) Permitted Uses

Uses permitted by right

  • single-family homes
  • family care homes

Uses permitted with conditions

  • cemeteries, (9.7)
  • religious institutions, (9.8)
  • duplexes on corner lots, (9.13)
  • essential services 1 and 2, (9.14)
  • government buildings up to 5000 sq. ft. of gross floor area
  • neighborhood and outdoor recreation, (9.21)
  • parks, (9.29)
  • schools, (9.35)
  • transit shelters, (9.39)

Uses permitted with Special Use Permit

  • wind energy facility, minor (accessory) (9.53)

b) Permitted Building and Lot Types

  • civic building
  • detached house
  • other building types previously approved by the Board of Commissioners as elements of a cluster development plan

c) Permitted Accessory Uses

  • accessory dwellings for use by related person(s), (9.1)
  • day care home (small), (9.11)
  • home occupations, (9.19)
  • marinas, (9.42)
  • solar energy facility, minor residential; located in the established rear or side yards or roof slopes or façade. (9.54)
  • solar energy facility, non-residential; located in the established rear or side yards or roof slopes, (9.54)
  • accessory uses permitted in all districts (8.11)

d) General Requirements

1) Development density, amount and location of open space, arrangement of streets and lots, yard dimensions, and access to existing roads shall be controlled by the most recently approved subdivision plan (sketch, preliminary, or plat) unless the lot size and width in question is less than 50% of the standards found in (D)(3) below. If below 50% of the lot area and width, then Section 11.5.5 of these regulations shall apply. Any modifications to an approved subdivision plan shall maintain the density of the original plan.

2) Developments in the general residential district which are approved but not yet built are permitted minor modifications through the administrative process; such developments, if redesigned, must conform to all of the requirements of this ordinance for the GR District (3, below) or may petition for a district change according to Section 11.4.

3) In the absence of a subdivision sketch or preliminary plan approved prior to the effective date of this ordinance, the following lot dimensions shall apply:                                                                                                                                              

Minimum Lot SizeMinimum Lot
Minimum Front
Yard Setback
Minimum Rear
Yard Setback
Yard Setback
Minimum Corner Lot
Side Yard Setback
 20,000 square feet
 90 feet 40 feet 50 feet 10 feet 20 feet

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