Downtown Huntersville in 2030

In 2030 Huntersville’s Downtown will be a thriving, mixed-use town center with a variety of housing types (single-family, town homes, live-work, and apartments), retail establishments, restaurants, offices, civic and recreational uses. The historic character of Downtown Huntersville will be preserved and enhanced through the integration of new with existing development, reflecting the highest quality architecture, resulting in a revitalized Downtown that is uniquely Huntersville. The Downtown street grid will be characterized by a well-connected network accommodating all modes of transportation (vehicular, pedestrian and non-motorized), including bus public transit and trains. The streetscape and public spaces will include attractive lighting, street trees and well-designed signage providing a safe, pleasant experience for visitors and residents alike. Public events, outdoor markets and art displays will activate the Downtown area, creating a true “destination” experience and focal point for the Town of Huntersville.