3.0 Current Zoning

Details in HuntersvilleMap DT-3 Downtown Zoning

Huntersville’s Zoning Ordinance is a “Form-based” or “Design-based” land development code focused on the quality of design and placement of buildings, rather than on the segregation of land uses by zoning district. For example, allowed uses in several zoning districts found within the Downtown range from single-family homes to a variety of commercial uses and hotels.

This provides a mixture of uses in the Downtown which gives land owners greater flexibility in developing and redeveloping their property, consistent with the recommendations outlined in the “Downtown Master Plan” and “East Huntersville Area Development Plan.”

This added flexibility also encourages development/redevelopment by not requiring property owners to complete the rezoning process to accommodate a particular type of land use that is allowed “by right.”

Development Areas

The zoning designations encompassing the Downtown (see Map DT-3) are a combination of Town Center (TC), Neighborhood Residential (NR), Neighborhood Center (NC), Highway Commercial (HC), General Residential (GR), and Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND-O).