5.0 Downtown Policy & Action Items

Policy DT- 1: Downtown Development

Continue to use the Downtown Master Plan, Gilead Road/US-21 Transportation and Land Use Vision Small Area Plan and East Huntersville Area Development Plan to guide future development in Downtown.

Action DT-1.1

Development Plans Planning Board will review Downtown Master Plan, Gilead Road/US-21 Transportation and Land Use Vision Small Area Plan and East Huntersville Area Development Plan and recommend updates for consideration by the Town Board.

Action DT-1.2: Downtown Business Association Support

Town to provide informational support should a Downtown business association be formed.

Action DT-1.3: Transit Oriented Development - Residential

As rezoning requests for TOD-R are proposed in Downtown, analyze for compliance with TOD-R standards established in the Zoning Ordinance and ensure the location is appropriate so as not to conflict with historic sections of Downtown.

Policy DT-2: Architectural Design Standards

Promote high quality architectural design standards for new development and redevelopment projects in the Downtown.

Action DT-2.1: Building Height Standards

The Planning Board shall review building height standards and make recommendations to the Town Board as needed.

Action DT-2.2: Integration of New/Old Development

The Planning Department should modify the “Design Guidebook” offering recommendations and guidance on integrating “new” and “old” development in Downtown.

Action DT-2.3

Pedestrian Streetscape and Way-Finding Plan Planning Department develop uniform pedestrian streetscape and way-finding signage guideline plan for Downtown for Town Board consideration by 2012.

Action DT-2.4: Building Façade Guidelines

Consider preparing guidelines for building facades, including the appropriate mix of solid walls and windows, awnings and other exterior building enhancements, particularly those extending into the public realm (i.e. sidewalk area) while being mindful not to discourage investment.

Policy DT-3

Capital Investments Install roads, sidewalks, bikeways, greenways and utility infrastructure necessary to support development and redevelopment within the Downtown, consistent with the future land use plan for the Downtown.

Action DT-3.1: Road & Streetscape Plan

Prepare road and streetscape plan for the Downtown area, which complements and is consistent with streetscape in front of Town Center project. Plan should include recommended street sections, lighting, landscaping and street furniture.

Action DT-3.2

Capital Investment/Implementation Plan Prepare strategic capital investment and implementation plan identifying required infrastructure improvements in the Downtown to accommodate future growth and development. Plan should include phasing of improvements to support development as it occurs.

Action DT-3.3: Underground Utilities

Bury overhead utility lines in the Downtown area as funding becomes available and as utilities are upgraded.

Action DT-3.4

Entrance Features Create entrance features (e.g. monuments) identifying boundaries of Downtown. Entrance features should be of uniform design and be coordinated with Downtown pedestrian and way-finding signage.

Action DT-3.5

Rail Station Design Finalize design and associated site improvements for Downtown rail station and parking area(s) in preparation for North Corridor Commuter rail line.

Action DT-3.6

Wi-Fi Service Encourage creation of Wi-Fi “hot zone” for Downtown area.

Policy DT-4: Multi-Modal Transportation System

Support creation of multi-modal integrated Downtown transportation system addressing automobile, bus, rail, pedestrian and bicycle mobility.

Action DT-4.1: Multi-Modal Transportation Plan

Prepare multi-modal integrated transportation plan for Downtown which accommodates all modes of transit, maximizes public and private resources and is consistent with Federal and State “complete streets” policies in order to enhance funding opportunities. The Plan should include a capital element and be designed for phased implementation by either public or private entities.

Policy DT-5: Parking

Continue to use “Downtown Parking Study” completed in 2006 to address future parking needs attributed to anticipated future development and growth in Downtown.

Action DT-5.1

Parking Master Plan Utilizing “Downtown Parking Study,” prepare a “Downtown Parking Master Plan.” This Master Plan should employ such innovative techniques and strategies such as shared parking, the use of private spaces and time of day demand pricing to establish a parking system that will ensure a healthy and vital Downtown.

Policy DT-6

Parks and Recreation Continue to enhance parks and recreation opportunities in the Downtown, consistent with the “Downtown Master Plan,” “East Huntersville Area Development Plan,” “Parks and Recreation Master Plan” and “Greenway and Bikeway Master Plan.”

Action DT-6.1: Parks, Greenways & Open Space

Identify suitable locations for and develop public parks, greenways and open space in the Downtown, consistent with “Downtown Master Plan,” “East Huntersville Area Development Plan,” “Parks and Recreation Master Plan” and “Greenway and Bikeway Master Plan,” in conjunction with new development proposals.

Action DT-6.2: Community Arts & Recreation

Encourage community programming (i.e. festivals, fairs, holiday celebrations) in the Downtown.

Action DT-6.3: Community Gathering Space

Consider creation of a community gathering space in the Downtown.

Action DT-6.4

Greenway Trails Implement greenway trail system identified in the Town of Huntersville “Greenway and Bikeway Master Plan.”