4.0 Economic Development Policies & Action Items

Policy ED-1

Diversify Tax Base Continue to look for ways to expand and diversify the employment base in Huntersville.

Action ED-1.1: Strategic Economic Development (SED) Plan

Prepare a “Strategic Economic Development (SED) Plan” for the Town of Huntersville using previous studies as a foundation. This plan should address the following elements:

  • Analysis of competitive advantage for Huntersville
  • Demographic and economic/market profile and analysis
  • Downtown redevelopment strategy
  • Identification of target areas for new development
  • Inventory and analysis of existing businesses and industry
  • Strategies for increasing percentage of employees who live and work in Town

Action ED-1.2: Economic Development Committee

Consider creation of local economic development committee to oversee preparation of SED Plan for Huntersville.

Policy ED-2: Preservation of Land Area for Non-Residential Development

Preserve areas suitable for business and industrial development, along with a mixture of support uses, to ensure an adequate inventory of land for future growth and development, with increases to this inventory as required.

Action ED-2.1: Identify Land Area Suitable for Non-Residential Development

Prepare GIS map displaying land area available and required for future office, commercial and industrial growth and development that is consistent with recommendations for targeted industry and business in SED Plan for Huntersville.

Policy ED-3: Economic Development Competitive Advantage

Target recruitment of business and industry for which Huntersville has a “competitive advantage” as identified in a Town SED Plan or other applicable plan.

Policy ED-4: Growth Sector Business & Industry

Support the attraction of business and industry as identified by NC Department of Commerce as emerging growth sectors (e.g. renewable energy, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing) for the Charlotte region.

Policy ED-5: North Corridor Commuter Rail Line

Support development of the North Corridor Commuter Rail line as a tool to promote economic development.

Policy ED-6: Lake Norman Regional Economic Development Corporation (LNREDC)

Continue participation with Lake Norman Regional Economic Development Corporation (LNREDC) and on joint economic development efforts with Cornelius and Davidson.

Policy ED-7

Regional Cooperation Develop closer working relationship with the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and surrounding counties on areas of mutual interest, such as workforce development and training and North Corridor commuter rail line.

Policy ED-8: Lake Norman Transportation Commission (LNTC)

Continue participation with Lake Norman Transportation Commission (LNTC) to promote regional transportation (roads and rail) improvements to the Lake Norman area.

Policy ED-9: Economic Development/Hospitality & Tourism

The Town of Huntersville will promote economic development, hospitality and tourism initiatives and partner with other agencies, such as the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce (LNC), visit Lake Norman (VLN) and the Huntersville Connection (HC).

Policy ED-10: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Department (CMUD)

Continue to work closely with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities (CMUD) in preparation of five and ten year Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) for water and sewer line extensions to serve new development, as well as existing development not currently served.

Action ED-10.1: Water & Sewer Lines

Prepare map of proposed water and sewer line locations and line capacities to assist in strategic planning for business expansion and recruitment.

Action ED-10.2: Targeted Utility Needs

Provide CMUD with annual list of targeted areas for needed water and sewer line extensions to assist in CIP process.

Policy ED-11

Utility and Transportation Infrastructure Continue to invest in utility and transportation infrastructure to serve and support targeted growth areas.

Action ED-11.1: I-77 Widening

Work with the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), NCDOT, MUMPO, City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and LNTC members to widen I-77 to exit 36.

Action ED-11.2: North Corridor Commuter Rail Line

Continue to work with CATS, Charlotte, Cornelius, Davidson, Mooresville, Mecklenburg County, Iredell County, LNTC, LNREDC and other pertinent organizations to advance North Corridor commuter rail line.

Policy ED-12: Business Retention and Expansion (BRE)

Support “Business Retention and Expansion (BRE)” program of LNREDC.

Action ED-12.1: Expand BRE Program

Work with LNREDC to enhance BRE program, targeting business and industry either currently not being served or underserved.

Policy ED-13: Business Incentive Program

Continue Business Incentive Program (BIP) for the creation of new jobs.

Action ED-13.1: Business Expansion

Utilize BIP for existing business expansion.

Policy ED-14: Development Review Process

Support efforts to improve efficiency and responsiveness of development review process for development proposals.

Action ED-14.1: County/Town Cooperation - Development Review Process

Continue to work with Mecklenburg County Land Use and Environmental Services Administration (LUESA) and Department of Building Standards to streamline development review and approval process and to develop strategies to make process more user-friendly.

Policy ED-15

Workforce Training Support current efforts of Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) and others to train and develop skilled workforce to meet labor demands for local business and industry.

Action ED-15.1

Public/Private Partnerships - Workforce Training Convene roundtable meetings between LNREDC, NC Department of Commerce, CPCC, area universities, CMS, Mecklenburg County and local business leaders to enhance existing workforce training and identify new training strategies to serve local business and industry.

Action ED-15.2: Job Training/Retraining

Work with State and County officials, LNC and LNREDC to identify resources to provide job training and education for residents who are either unemployed and/or who need to retrain for new jobs.

Policy ED-16: Tourism

The Town will support local tourism efforts and partner with other agencies such as “Visit Lake Norman” and “Huntersville Connection,” as appropriate.

Action ED-16.1: Enhance Tourism Opportunities

Identify new opportunities for tourism.

Policy ED-17: Recreation Tournaments/Events

Support continued efforts of Parks and Recreation Department and Huntersville Family Fitness and Aquatics Center (HFFA) to attract national, state and regional amateur recreational and sports tournament and events.