4.0 Commercial Development

4.1 Introduction

The rapid population growth that has occurred within the Town of Huntersville since 1990 has been matched by a similar pattern of commercial development which includes retail, service businesses and offices. Predictably, this commercial development has been focused at the Town’s two Interstate interchanges (Gilead Road/Exit 23 and Sam Furr/Exit 25) and along the Town’s major thoroughfares (e.g. U.S. 21, NC 115, Gilead Road and NC 73). Map CD-1 identifies the location of commercial as well as manufacturing areas (shown in grey and purple color) located within Huntersville.

Major transportation routes have historically been location magnets for non-residential development, generating significant traffic impacts in the process. Since the adoption of revised land development regulations in 1996, commercial development in Huntersville has followed a mixed-use development pattern, focused at the intersection of major thoroughfares.

This development pattern has also been guided by a concerted effort to integrate land use and transportation planning.
To this end, for almost 15 years, the Town of Huntersville has deliberately fostered development which encourages multi-modal travel, reducing the need for single occupant vehicles, yet facilitating that use when necessary by integrating land use and transportation.

Map CD-1 Commercial Areas

Map CD-1 Commercial Areas