9.0 Policies & Action Items

Policy CD-1: Land Use/Transportation Integration

Continue the integration of land use and transportation elements for development that occurs within commercial corridors, nodes and centers. Consistency with the Town’s Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances and adopted long-range plans shall be the foundation for this development.

Policy CD-2: Commercial Development Pattern

Promote a mixed-use development pattern that focuses higher intensity development generally within two miles of the I-77/NC-115 core. Outside the core area, this more intense commercial development pattern shall be focused in identified nodes and centers.

Policy CD-3: Commercial Development Principles

Encourage mixed-use development pattern at key nodes as identified in Small Area Plans, ensuring an appropriate mix of residential, commercial and employment uses to maximize land use and transportation efficiencies, while minimizing environmental impacts.

Action CD-3.1: Small Area Plans

Prepare Small Area Plans (if one does not exist) in sections of the community that are or will be experiencing development pressure.

Policy CD-4: Multi-Modal Transportation Network

Continue to pursue development of a multi-modal integrated transportation system in a manner that facilitates the efficient movement of vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians and is less reliant on single-occupant vehicles and single purpose trips, in support of a sustainable land development pattern.

Policy CD-5: Infrastructure

Continue to require that adequate public infrastructure (roads, utilities, etc) either exist or will be made available to support all new development.

Policy CD-6: Architecture & Place Making

Consistent with Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances (as well as “Town of Huntersville Design Manual”) maintain high design standards for development.

Policy CD-7: Corridor Landscaping & Lighting

Continue to promote corridor landscaping that enhances commercial development, consistent with Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. Coordinate with NCDOT to ensure that landscaping and lighting is “context sensitive” for the location and adjoining uses.