7.0 Environment Policies & Action Items

Policy E-1: Preservation & Environment

Support the preservation and enhancement of the natural environment, along with its scenic and cultural assets.

Action E-1.2: Environmental Features Map

Maintain GIS “Environmental Features” map, including significant water features, wetlands, steep slopes, habitats and tree strands.

Action E-1.3: Historic, Scenic & Cultural Resources Map

Maintain GIS “Historic Properties, Scenic and Cultural Resources” map, including historic designations, scenic vistas and significant places.

Policy E-2: Location of New Development

Avoid locating new development in areas of significant environmental, scenic or cultural resources.

Policy E-3: Environmental Regulations

Support and enhance environmental regulations pertaining to tree preservation, buffer yards, open space, water quality, wetland and stream protection.

Action E-3.1

Modify Regulations to Enhance Environmental Protection Review existing environmental protection regulations to determine what, if any, modifications are required to maintain or enhance current levels of protection.

Policy E-4: Reduce Outdoor Lighting

Support reduction in outdoor lighting to lowest possible levels to maintain public safety, while limiting glare, habitat impacts and loss of privacy.

Action E-4.1: Revise Lighting Ordinance

Review lighting ordinances in effect in other communities to determine if adjustments to current Ordinance are necessary and determine if pre-existing non-conforming lights should be brought-up to current standards when expansions exceed a certain size.

Policy E-5: Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)

Support reduction in vehicle miles travelled (VMT), through capital investments in sidewalks, greenways, enhanced connectivity and mass transit (bus and rail).

Action E-5.1

Reduce VMT through Capital Infrastructure Projects Support funding capital infrastructure projects which will reduce VMT.

Policy E-6

Alternative Energy Support for “Alternative Energy,” including wind, solar, and other viable options.

Policy E-7: Sustainability

Support land use and transportation policies which are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

Policy E-8

LEED Building Design and LEED Neighborhood Development Support policies that promote LEED Building Design and LEED-Neighborhood Development.

Action E-8.1: LEED Public Buildings

Require minimum LEED standards to be met for all public buildings built in Town.