7.8 Installation Guarantees & Maintenance Sureties

.1 Installation Guarantee Required.

A final Certificate of Occupancy may be issued prior to the installation of trees and shrubs, excluding yard trees, during the non-planting season if a Cash Bond, Surety Bond or Letter of Credit is issued for 120% of the cost of materials and installation. Planting shall be completed during the next planting season.

The planting season shall run from October 15 to March 15, except for extreme weather conditions as determined by staff. A final Certificate of Occupancy shall not be given during the planting season unless all of the landscaping is completely installed according to this Article. A temporary Certificate of Occupancy may be issued during the non-planting season in order to allow planting to occur during the next planting season.

.2 Warranty Required.

Developers shall enter into a Warranty agreement with the Town of Huntersville guaranteeing the viability of street trees and trees and shrubs planted in buffer yards for a period of 1 year following planting. The amount of the warranty shall be equal to 50% of the value of the new trees or landscape material and their installation.  The warranty shall be provided when all of the required trees and shrubs have been planted.