7.9 Compliance & Penalties

The developer/owner shall be held responsible for compliance with the provisions of this Article and shall cooperate with the town in its efforts to administer and enforce these requirements.

Any act constituting a violation of this Article that results in the destruction, removal, or damage of trees, shrubs, and any vegetation, shall subject the landowner and the violator to a civil penalty in the amount of $2.00 for every square foot of area of damaged or destroyed vegetation, not to exceed $30,000, payable to the Town of Huntersville. In addition, any tree, shrub, or required vegetation that has been removed or destroyed shall be replaced in accordance with an approved re-vegetation plan.

Section 11.2, Enforcement, shall also apply except for the amount of the penalty and time period of Section 11.2(3)(g). A warning citation or notice shall be issued and destruction and removal shall cease immediately. If the offender fails to pay the civil penalties within ten (10) days after having been cited, the Town may recover the penalties in a civil action in the nature of department.

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