Please note: If you are a victim of domestic violence or are afraid that you may become a victim, there is help.

For more information, visit the Mecklenburg County Women's Commission website.

Visit the United Family Services’ Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Program website with information on the qualifications for domestic orders, how they may be procured and filed.

Phone Numbers

A listing of telephone numbers you should keep available is provided below. Any information, such as a new address for home or work, or any other information that could be used to locate the defendant for service should be provided to the Domestic Violence Enforcement Unit with the Mecklenburg County Sheriffs Office as soon as possible. Please call 704-336-4728 with any new information.

Other phone numbers:

  • Huntersville Police Department Emergency Response Number: 911
  • Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office Domestic Violence Enforcement Unit: 704-336-4728
  • Communications Section: 704-336-3671
  • Civil Clerk of Courts Office: 704-686-0520
  • Magistrate’s Office: 704-347-7844
  • United Family Services 704-332-2513 (Charlotte) or 704-655-8745 (Huntersville)
  • Victim Assistance: 704-336-4126
  • DV Protective Order Information Line: 704-336-7666
  • Sheriff’s Victim Notification and Inmate Information (VINE) - If you are the victim and require information and notification of an inmate’s transfer or release you may contact: 800-247-9658
  • Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 and TTY 800-787-3224
  • Mobile Crisis: 704-566-3410

Additional Resources

For information on offenders monitored by the Statewide Victim Assistance and Notification system (NC-SAVAN): 800-627-2826. This system can provide you with information as to whether an offender is currently incarcerated, where, and when released. It can also notify you of an offender's release when it occurs.

Application for monetary reimbursement due to a Domestic Violence situation that resulted in medical expenses and/or lost wages, Crime Victims Compensation Commission, 800-826-6200. For application availability, the crime must have been reported to law enforcement within 72 hours.

**Information provided courtesy of the NC Magistrates Association