Northwest Huntersville Transportation Study

Project Overview - Phase II

In the spring of 2017 the Town, in partnership with the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) and consultants, began further analysis of where future roadways should be located in northwest Huntersville and how provisions for bicyclists and pedestrians should occur.  This study is known as the Northwest Huntersville Transportation Study, Phase 2.

The study was placed on hold pending decisions by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) on their configuration for NC 73 under the widening that is scheduled to begin in 2023. At the same time the Huntersville Town Board suggested an additional option for the Northwest study roadway alignments.

NCDOT has now determined that NC 73 will be widened on its current alignment and locations of median openings have been determined. This information allows the selection of a route linking Ervin Cook Rd with Oliver Hager Rd to connect to NC 73. Hugh Torance Parkway would be extended to Ervin Cook Rd. The thoroughfare designation for Hugh Torance Parkway through the Gilead Ridge community would be dropped from the Comprehensive Transporta­tion Plan Highway Map. Coupled with an extension of Birkdale Commons Parkway to Gilead Rd, this future network option should serve the long term mobility needs of this area of Huntersville and allow for important circulation away from NC 73. This helps local traffic avoid NC 73 thus preserving the regional function of the road and also provides alternative routes (especially for emergency responders) in the event of any significant event on the highway.


The study has consistently discussed provisions for all modes of travel, not just automobiles and trucks.  The Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) contains separate maps for bicycle provisions, pedestrian provisions, transit/rail provisions and roadways. Bicycle and pedestrian accommodations will run parallel to the new roads and a greenway trail along McDowell Creek will provide an off-road route. The excellent input we have received from the community on the type of accommodation will be folded into the upcoming Huntersville Bicycle Plan.


The technical team consensus recommendation of option C-3 for future roadways in this area is available here.  Previously studied options are shown in the links below. 

Approved Alignment

Commissioners at their October 21st board meeting voted unanimously to endorse a new alignment, Option D-1, to CRTPO. Through this option, the board seeks future connectivity between Oliver Hager Road and Gilead Road as future development occurs, but as a local road, not a thoroughfare.  Click HERE to view presentation to commissioners.