Article 8.18 - Flags

.1 Flag shall mean a piece of fabric or other flexible material solely containing distinctive colors, patterns, standards, words or emblems used as the symbol of any nation, state, city, or any fraternal, religious, or civic organization.

(a) All flags shall be displayed on flagpoles, which may be vertical or mat-arm flagpoles.

(b) In non-residential districts, vertical flagpoles shall not exceed the allowed height provided for a structure or building in the applicable zoning district, or 54 feet, whichever is less.

(c) In residential districts, vertical flagpoles shall not exceed 25 feet in height, or the height of the primary structure on the parcel, whichever is less.

(d) The hoist side of the flag shall not exceed 20% of the height of a vertical flagpole or the length of a mast-arm flagpole. Mat-arm flagpoles shall not exceed 25 feet in length and therefore would have a maximum hoist of 5 feet.

(e) Vertical flagpoles are subject to the following limitations:

Vertical Pole Height
Maximum Flag Size (total square feet)
15 to 24 feet 
20 square feet
25 to 34 feet
50 square feet
35 to 44 feet
100 square feet
45 to 54 feet
160 square feet

(g) Each parcel shall be allowed a maximum of three flagpoles unless a variance is obtained.

(h) A maximum of 2 flags shall be allowed per flagpole.

(i) Flags displaying a logo, message, statement, or expression relating to commercial interests and banners not meeting the definition of a flag contained herein shall conform to all applicable ordinances pertaining to signs.

(j) A vertical flagpole must be set back from all property boundaries a distance which is at least equal to the height of the flagpole.

(k) Flags and flagpoles shall be maintained in good repair, and to the extent applicable shall be in compliance with the compliance with the building code. Flagpoles with broken halyards shall not be used and flags that are torn or frayed shall not be displayed.

(l) On officially designated county, state, or federal holidays, there shall be no maximum flag size, number, or other limitations on display.

(m) This section shall not be construed to restrict the right to display eligible flags as banners or signage as provided elsewhere in this ordinance.

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