3.0 Future Growth

Continuing Growth in Huntersville

Population growth in the Town of Huntersville is expected to continue to be strong through 2030. This anticipated growth will be reflected in both the formation of new households, as well as in the number of Huntersville residents who are employed.

3.1 Population Projections

Between 1960 and 2010, the Town of Huntersville has grown from a population of 1,004 to 46,773, representing an increase of 4,559%. The vast majority of this increase has occurred since 1990, when the Town’s population was 3,014 (see Figure I-1). Illustrative of this rapid growth is Figure I-2, which shows an area that developed in the late 1990’s. Given growth trends over the past 20 years, the Town’s proximity to Charlotte and regional projections, the Town anticipates that its population will continue to grow at a robust pace through 2030.

Figure I-2 - Area developed since the late 1990s

Figure I-2 - Area developed since the late 1990s

Methodology for Population Projections

Population projections for the Town have been prepared based upon three growth scenarios: low, medium and high, corresponding to the number of building permits issued since 2000 for single-family homes, and 1990 for multi-family units.

For each scenario, the population projections were generated by adding the projected population totals for single and multi-family units anticipated to be built by 2020 and 2030.

The 2020 and 2030 population projections are based on Census figures of 2.67 persons/household for single-family units and 2.18 persons/household for multi-family units.

The resulting population figures were then adjusted to reflect a 5% vacancy rate, once again based on the most recent U.S Census data available. The low, medium and high population projections for Huntersville through 2030 are shown in Table I-1.

Table I-1 - Population Projections 2020-2030                                                                                              

Growth Rate

Source: Town of Huntersville

The Charlotte Mecklenburg-Union Metropolitan Planning Organization (MUMPO) prepares regional growth population projections for its planning jurisdiction, which includes all of Mecklenburg County. The most recent MUMPO figures project Huntersville’s population will be 85,400 in 2025 and 109,100 in 2035. Based on the midpoint between these two numbers, the MUMPO projection for Huntersville in 2030 would yield a figure of 97,250. This figure falls between the Town’s medium and high range projections.

3.2 Households

The 2010 Census for Huntersville shows a total of 18,477 housing units. By 2020, the Town projects 26,637 total housing units and by 2030, 34,797, based on a medium growth scenario. MUMPO (utilizing a midpoint between 2025 and 2035 figures) projects a total of 35,850 housing units by 2030.

3.3 Employment

According to 2009 U.S Census figures, the total number of Huntersville residents in the labor force was 23,371.
Based on data generated by MUMPO, projections show a steady increase in employment for Huntersville residents over the next 20 years, with a 2030 total of 42,650.