Article 11.6 - Zoning Compliance

.1 Zoning Compliance

a.    A completed application form for a Zoning Permit shall be submitted by filing a copy of the application in the office of the Zoning Administrator.

b.    The Administrator shall approve the Zoning Permit unless he finds, after reviewing the application and consulting with the applicant that:

1)    the The requested Permit is not within his jurisdiction according to the Permitted Uses; or

2)    the The application is incomplete; or

3)    if If completed as proposed in the application, the development will not comply with one (1) or more requirements of this ordinance (not including those requirements for which a variance has been granted); or

4)    if If required under Article 14, no Traffic Impact Assessment has been approved by the Town.

.2 Site Plans; Adequate Public Facilities; and Traffic Impact Assessment

a) Site plans shall be required from applicants prior to issuance of any permit (building, zoning, special use permit, variance) if deemed necessary by the Zoning Administrator to determine zoning compliance.  If required by Article 14, a Traffic Impact Analysis shall be submitted with the residential or nonresidential site plan.

b) Residential Site Plan Requirements.

1. Sketch site plans shall be drawn with as true an approximate scale as possible, which reviewing agents can determine that all requirements of the Ordinance are met.

2. Applicant will be required to sign the zoning form as being a true reflection of what is existing and what is being proposed.

3. Unless otherwise determined by the Zoning Administrator, the following minimum information shall be included on the site:

(a) lot/parcel dimensions;

(b) zoning designation;

(c) all property line setback/build-to-line requirements;

(d) all existing physical features (structures, buildings, streets, roads, etc.);

(e) location and dimensions of proposed construction;

(f) location and dimensions of driveway and type of surface material;

(g) any additional information as required by the reviewing agents.

c) Non-Residential Site Plan Requirements.

1. A site plan for all non-residential development shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator for review prior to issuance of required building permits.

2. All nonresidential site plans shall be submitted at a scale determined by the Zoning Administrator in order to determine zoning compliance.

3. Site plan review fees will be charged as reflected in the adopted Fee Schedule.

4. Unless otherwise determined by the Zoning Administrator, site plans shall show the following minimum information:

(a) site data - including vicinity sketch, north arrow, engineering scale ratio, acreage, title of development, date of plan, gross floor area of all buildings, name and address of owner/developer and person or firm preparing the plan;

(b) zoning setback/build-to lines;

(c) location(s) and dimension(s) of all vehicular entrances, exits, drives, and fire lanes;

(d) location, arrangement and dimension of all automobile parking spaces, width of aisles, width of bays, angle of parking and number of spaces;

(e) location, arrangement and dimension of all truck unloading docks, ramps and spaces;

(f) refuse collection (dumpster) container space(s) location;

(g) location(s) of all building(s) with exterior dimensions;

(h) location and dimensions of all fences, walls, docks, ramps, pools, patios, and surfaces areas;

(i) location of water tap(s) denoting size(s) of line(s) or well area;

(j) location of sewer tap(s) denoting size(s) of line(s) and pole(s);

(k) location of electrical service connection(s), meter(s) and pole(s);

(l) existing and proposed fire hydrant location(s);

(m) location and dimension of all easements and right-of-ways as determined by NC Department of Transportation;

(n) location(s) and size(s) of all public utility lines (water, sewer and storm sewer) within all adjacent public right-of-ways and easements;

(o) curb and gutter alignment, including street widening and storm drainage, if necessary shall be required;

(p) screening/landscaping plan shall be required showing plants with common names, sizes and numbers of plants and trees;

(q) sight distance triangle (10' x 70') shall be indicated at the intersection of all public right-of-way lines and 10' x 35' at the intersection of a right-of-way and driveway;

(r) any additional information as may be required by the reviewing agents.

.3 Authorizing Use or Occupancy Before Completion of Development Under Zoning Permit.

a) In cases when, because of weather conditions or other factors beyond the control of the Zoning Permit recipient (exclusive of financial hardship), it would be unreasonable to require the Zoning Permit recipient to comply with all of the requirements of this ordinance prior to commencing the intended use of the property or occupying any buildings, the Administrator may authorize the commencement of the intended use or the occupancy of buildings (insofar as the requirements of this ordinance are concerned) if the permit recipient is issued a temporary certificate of occupancy.

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